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As momos are to Nepal what burgers are to the USA, this can be considered as high culinary praise indeed.Along with momos, traditional Nepalese dumplings, stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables and served steamed or fried, this small and unpretentious family-run restaurant also features some other traditional dishes.

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Opened in 1995, the pizzeria has become a dining staple in Kathmandu, especially for the small expatriate community and well-off Nepali families.

Located in the premises of the lush Garden of Dreams, and practically opposite the Fire And Ice pizzeria, this restaurant mostly features a tasty mix of international dishes.

A good range of traditional Austrian cuisine are also present, including such culinary delights as Wienerschnitzel and Viennese coffee.

Among the specialty dishes are delicious Sherpa soup, made from beans, radish, potato, and beef, and braised rabbit tortellini with wilted rocket, accompanied with a glass of a red or white wine from the vast wine cellar.

Ramalaya, Pani Pokhara, Kathmandu, Nepal 977 1 4006 589 Situated within the charming grounds of Dwarika’s heritage hotel, the Krishnarpan restaurant features traditional upmarket Nepali cuisine in a warm and welcoming Newari atmosphere.

While sitting in a traditional manner on the colorful cotton cushions and savoring Nepali delicacies served in traditional brass ware, guests can enjoy regular cultural shows.

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