Dating silvertone acoustic guitars

But just as important is the fact that a critical component of the sound most people want out of an electric guitar—a rich, musical distortion—comes from the amp alone.

Amplifiers are optimized for the different types of instruments that most commonly use them: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars, and electronic keyboards.Some amps also provide a line level output after the preamp section that can be used to plug the amp directly into a recording device or PA mixing board.In the beginning, all amplifiers drew their power from —the same technology used in most radios and televisions until the mid-1960s.are usually much less oriented toward effects such as distortion, and more focused on accurately replicating the low, sonorous tone those fat bass strings generate.They produce more power and drive larger speakers to get the job done right. replicate the sounds produced by the keyboard as accurately as possible with no coloration whatever from the amplifier.Many acoustic guitar amps have separate inputs for a microphone and the acoustic guitar’s on-board pickup.

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