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When tubes are heated up and driven hard with big power supplies, they begin to distort the original signal creating an “overdriven” sound.

Overdriven tubes produce a natural compression, meaning that relatively low signal levels end up sounding as loud as higher signal levels.

It’s the amp's job to boost that signal in order to drive the speakers, which ultimately project your music.

Since your electric instrument's sound reaches the world only by virtue of the amp you play through, it's important that you make a good, informed choice.

Some amps also provide a line level output after the preamp section that can be used to plug the amp directly into a recording device or PA mixing board.

Many guitar players also look to their amp to produce effects such as reverb as well as controls to shape their tone.The amplifier you choose has a big role in producing the sound you want.Your instrument – whether it's a guitar, bass, or keyboard – produces only a weak electronic signal on its own.are generally the most sophisticated of all the types.Of course, the universal popularity of the guitar has a lot to do with this.A is most common type of musical instrument amplifier.

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