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Mike boarded a Greyhound bus back to his parents' house, and I channeled all my relationship grief into finishing my Peace Corps application.

I was waiting on medical clearance later that year, still living in the backyard studio my friends called The Dog House, when I met and fell in love with an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley.

But saying that naturism is for hippies is the same as saying that indie music is for hippies. Everyone will look at you and think you look ridiculous People who think this have totally no idea about what naturism is all about.

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I sat with him at the hospital when his calluses became infected.[1]He stayed with me one summer in the cramped studio I was renting in someone's backyard, and we spent our days smoking, playing music, going on long hikes with meat-free snacks in our daypacks and discussing how everyone but us, man, had strayed so far from the natural way.

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His income came from pruning his parent's fruit trees and playing bass on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz.

Their evenings are spent dancing naked in a circle around the fire, laying tarot cards and doing some witchcraft here and there.

It is true that in the past, naturism was adapted by the hippies and that the first “modern” naturists were true nature lovers who probably did their laundry in the river and their business in the woods. But people are not going to stare at you and they’re not going to point at you either. And they will certainly not think you look ridiculous.

Naturism is for beautiful people One reason why many are hesitant to visit a naturist site is because they are insecure about their body.

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