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Should he dole out The Pat when you're alone, he is probably not feeling a spark anymore or is mad at you. According to Blazina, if The Pat only happens once in a while, rather than on a regular basis, it's not a red flag.And there are a few other reasons behind it: (1) If he thumps you when you're about to do something scary, such as give a wedding speech, that's a gesture of encouragement (like the way coaches pat players on the back). "A pelvis-to-pelvis embrace shows he'd like to merge with you sexually," Wood says."When a guy frequently embraces you like this, it means the relationship's not growing." For example, say your man or crush gives you this half-assed hug when you're out at a bar.He might be doing it to show other people that he is not fully committed to you and is still on the market.

He's blanketing your body with his, your feet are intertwined, you're leaning into him.… "By covering your back, he's conveying that he wants to shelter you," says body-language expert Patti Wood, author of This affectionate gesture signifies that your guy cares deeply about you.

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