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Their care and consistency in designing Blue Planet is evident everywhere.Blue Planet has been published in two versions: the first by Biohazard Games, the second under license by Fantasy Flight Games.Online dating is big business and so is video games.So why be surprised when a bunch of developers get together and bring the two together?Some people have been offended that I didn't include something, or that I stated my opinion. Send me a good introduction and I'll probably even link to it.Back to the top of the page or back to So, why RPGs?This RPG is probably one the better designed backgrounds of anything available -- sort of the Hârn of SFRPGs.

To be honest, I don't particularly like Jovian Chronicles, by Dream Pod 9, is one of the best hard SF games out there.Even computer games can't approach the infinite possibilities and social depth in face-to-face, pen-and-paper RPGs.Here are some things of general interest about RPGs: Back to the top of the page or back to Hard SF has been one of my main interests in RPGs for many years now.In RPGs, though, you have exactly that kind of control.And RPGs can, in many ways, be more immersive than reading a book; through immediate, face-to-face interaction, you can experience things with an immediacy that books never approach.Created by gamers and fantasy fans, this site is for those who love costumes and roleplay.

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