Dating situations


But the couple soon realized that the house was much smaller than it looked.By the time Lisa, the founder of the retreat Soul Blazing Sanctuary, had finished moving in, there was no room left for her husband's belongings.

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"Traditional marriage doesn't work for us," she says.When the couple's four boys were younger, she was a counselor at the summer camp they went to, leaving her husband, Chuck, home alone, building furniture in his workshop."He doesn't like summer camp and I love it—the trees, the hiking, the crisp mountain air," she says."He snores while I toss and turn, so we disrupt each other's sleep," Susan says."He also requires a soft mattress due to a back injury and, to me, it feels like we're sleeping on a marshmallow!"I never have to tell him to pick up his socks, watch history or sci-fi TV shows on a continuous loop or listen to his weird folk music." Photo: Shutterstock "We live in two different houses in the same neighborhood." When 39-year-old therapist Lisa Haisha got engaged to her now-husband, they began looking for a house together.

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