Dating someone with down syndrome Adult chat site for foot fetishes

It’s important not to let one “no” stop you from dating.

That will keep you from rushing into a relationship before you’re ready.

There have been major advances in interdisciplinary and preventive medical management of individuals with Down syndrome.

Improved medical care, laws ensuring appropriate education and related services for the disabled, and slow changes in societal attitudes have brightened the outlook for individuals with Down Syndrome (Van Dyke et al, 1995).

Personal safety and self-esteem become important issues for adolescents and young adults [see Table 1] (Haka-Ikse and Mian, 1993).

Little has been written about psychosexual development in Down syndrome.

Individuals with Down syndrome and other mental disabilities who engage in sexual behaviors, however, may encounter societal prejudice as well as significant parental anxiety (Van Dyke et al., 1995).

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