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She also bitterly recalls negative events that caused her regret: her husband’s affairs and death, and the estrangement of her gay son.

The woman’s relationship with her son is the clearest indication that Albee was working through some troubled memories of his own in Three Tall Women.

B humors her, while helping her do everyday things that have become difficult to do alone (sitting down, going to the bathroom, getting into bed).

C, while getting a rare word in edgewise about the duties she's there to accomplish, is most often deterred by A's slipping into long-winded storytelling.

It was her first line, “I’m ninety-two years old ,” which gave me the hint. Her hair, being dark gray as opposed to being white, perhaps contributed her younger-than-ninety-two-years-old appearance.

Also, her movements were convincing at times, but lacked frailness at certain points.

A has the last word, saying, "That's the happiest moment. The play was directed by Albee, with a cast that included Myra Carter as the Old Woman, Kathleen Butler as the Middle-Aged Woman, Cynthia Bassham as the Young Woman, and Howard Nightingall as the Boy.

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Albee admitted to The Economist that the play "was a kind of exorcism.

A and B (who are invisible to him) are not happy to see him, because of the rift between them.

C (also unseen by the son) is none the wiser, because she is from a period in the woman's life before her marriage.

During the run, Seldes assumed the role of "A," with Joan Van Ark and Frances Conroy assuming the role of "B." The play premiered in the West End at the Wyndhams Theatre in October 1994, directed by Anthony Page and featuring Maggie Smith (Elder Tall Woman), Frances de la Tour (Middle Tall Woman), Anastasia Hille (Younger Tall Woman), and John Ireland (the Boy).

is Albee's most intentionally autobiographical work to date.

These, and certain others like them, wished to pre...

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