Dating tips for single ladies


But what happens when you see that guy across the room at a party, and he’s just standing there? You simply have to make the first move or you’ll hate yourself for missing a great opportunity to follow up on a strong attraction you’re feeling. There are ways to make the first move without seeming like you’re doing a thing.

From tips that have come down to us from previous generations of wise women, to tips on how to text your date, here are 10 of the best dating tips for single women.

Save that level of information for when you’re in a serious relationship. Besides, a little mystery is very provoking and actually makes dating fun. Don’t order the entree when he’s ordering the plate.

Don’t put your nose in the air when he picks you up in an unimpressive car, or if he takes public transportation. Do something nice for him in return: cook him dinner, whatever you can offer.

Unless you’re Beyonce or a high-powered CEO, chances are you’re just a regular ol’ girl once you strip away the Diva exterior…so what’s in it for him? Even real-life Diva-level women don’t necessarily act like Divas …we’re pretty sure Bey is as charming as pie on a date.

That brings us to the next tip: If you’re used to guessing what a man wants, and trying to be that woman in hopes of making the date go well, then you’re approaching the dating thing all wrong.

Love the single life but find that you’re ready for a relationship?

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