David deangelo interviews with dating gurus craig

Within the community he has achieved status akin to a guru.

Early in his career, David De Angelo moved from the Pacific Northwest to continue his career as a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego, but first found real success in training real estate professionals how to use direct marketing to build sales leads.

Many of the guests that appear in his interview series also appear in his seminars and programs.

As evidenced in his Sexual Communication series, De Angelo encourages students to evaluate his material "with your own minds".

De Angelo stresses that his recommendations are limited to advising men on how to present themselves more attractively in dating scenarios, and makes it clear that his advice is not necessarily relevant to ongoing relationships.

Double Your Dating is a series of tutorials primarily advertised and sold through the internet.

Since then, De Angelo has released many products aimed at helping men with dating, with titles such as the Advanced Dating series, 77 Laws of Success With Women and Dating, Deep Inner Game, and Meeting Women Online.

De Angelo claimed in July 2007 that he employs two hundred people, all working remotely, and that his various product lines (Double Your Dating, Catch Him & Keep Him, Get Altitude, Fire Your Wedding Planner, and others) now gross close to 20 million annually in sales.

He is also the founder of a business company named The foundation for the Double Your Dating series is an ebook which claims to help men "demystify" much of what goes into attraction.

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