David otunga dating


He argued with Hudson in front of their 8-year-old son, so she told him to go upstairs to sleep in her bedroom.Otunga grabbed his son by the arm and took him upstairs to his master bedroom, she said.News obtained the order of protection Hudson filed with her local police department.She said their 10-year relationship began to "deteriorate" in April 2017.

Hudson and Otunga share 8-year-old son David Daniel Otunga, Jr. Hudson and Otunga got engaged in September 2008 after less than a year of dating, and welcomed David Jr. Following Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga's shocking breaking comes allegations of physical assault. RELATED:  Awful New Details About Tom Sizemore, The Actor Accused Of Molesting An 11-Year-Old Girl On A Film Set" data-reactid="28"RELATED: Awful New Details About Tom Sizemore, The Actor Accused Of Molesting An 11-Year-Old Girl On A Film Set When she and David Jr., returned home, she claims Otunga was visibly angry and grabbed their son by the hand and pushed Hudson out of the master suite.The singer reportedly has taken out a protective order against her longtime boyfriend and father of their child, 8-year-old David Jr. While Hudson was at a recording session in Chicago with their son, Otunga called her multiple times without success. Their son, a makeup artist, and an assistant all witnessed the incident, according to Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is revealing personal details about her relationship with her fiancee David Otunga and noting that it might be time to tie the knot.The songstress whose been with the former pro-wrestler for over eight years recently told ESSENCE that after seeing Ciara and Russell wed, she feels inspired to make it official. So that made me say, okay, all [of] my friends and peers are married now. ” When ESSENCE told Hudson fans are just waiting to see her in a wedding dress, she agreed. Hudson said she is also fearful that he will take their son and flee, claiming he once he took him out of school unannounced and didn't notify her at the time.

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