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[…]The US and German military cemeteries in Italy differ greatly from one another in style and message.Art-historical methods along with historical research are used to explore the ideological character of each nation’s cemeteries.The results reveal […]This paper examines Italian ossuaries of the Great War as both objects and symbols, or as aesthetic configurations and carriers of political meanings.Physical characteristics, such as those associated with context, space and style, are shown to express elements of Fascist ideology […]This paper describes the different ways of commemorating the fallen of World War I in Italy between 19.

Delaunay’s "Homage to Blériot" is a testimony to the skills of the airplane constructors – the new heroes of a modern epic fantasy.

From the spread of spontaneous local monuments right after the war to the construction of huge ossuaries during the Fascist Regime […]This article addresses the commemorative practices in Flanders from World War I through World War II.

Flemish and Belgian nationalist concerns affected the implementation of postwar national cemeteries.

Susanne Neubauer's article on German art historian "Ludwig Grote und die Moderne 1933-1959" (RIHA Journal 0180) looks at Grote's efforts for internationalization after the National Socialist regime, during which Modern art was ostracized.

Grote was actively involved with art in and from Brazil.

As a member of the Department of Military Cemeteries […]After World War II, the communist party took control of the nation-building process of the newly established Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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