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"However, traditions are apt for moral and ideological evaluation.

Traditions which degrade or oppress groups of people should be rejected."Giving women the chance to play five sets might enable them to offer up the highs, lows and comebacks that make the men's games so exciting - or it might be a total disaster.

The pair argue that this disparity upholds the belief that women are weaker than men, as well as repressive ideals of what is feminine, i.e. In turn, this makes it easier to argue that formidable athletes like Serena Williams deserve to be paid less than their male counterparts.

It’s also unfair to men, they say, who need to play longer and are at put at greater risk of injury.

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Another year another Wimbledon tournament, and we know what that means: ripe strawberries drizzled with cream, neatly manicured lawns, and the ongoing debate over whether the sport is institutionally sexist.The split comes only a few weeks after Serena Williams, Dimitrov's ex-girlfriend, defeated Sharapova at Wimbledon.She jetsetted to Montenegro a few days later to take her mind off the loss."I wish her much happiness and success in life and in tennis."The 24-year-old athlete, who is ranked No.16 in the ATP rankings, said he would be focusing on his sport from here on out.“Sport has a long history of trying to imply that women are physically unable to do sports activities,” says Dr Hills.She points towards the fact that women’s marathons, boxing and downhill skiing were very slowly introduced to the Olympic Games.And top female players - who you might suppose are an authority on women’s tennis - including Maria Erakovic and Serena Williams have both said that they would be willing to play five sets.

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