Differences between seeing someone and dating

I didn't see one thing in any one person's post here that said anything about a "He" ??? I'd view dating as an official understanding whereby you are meeting someone with a view to starting or having a romantic relationship. She/he could just be a friend, it might not be romantic at all.

No-one really knows what's going on if someone is 'seeing' someone.

Believe me around here you must be very specific when asking the question.

Many will hide behind word games and definitions as a way to keep from being upfront and honest!

I will often tell my friends that I am "seeing" this guy...

usually it means that they're someone new that I'm physically or romantically interested in but have not got to the point of getting into a relationship with them.

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which probably refers to a first date in which case nothing has been decided.

So if one says 'yes' the next question might be 'anyone special? I'm supposed to be in a "relationship" with him before sleeping with him !!!

' At which time one can say 'no, I am dating here and there and meeting some nice women/men'. LOLI always said I was "seeing" someone in the early phase of a relationship (bc I see them frequently, but I don't really consider it dating)...dating when we were going out together on a regular basis. You aren't serious about finding someone, but would rather continue to date. If you are "seeing" someone, then I would think that person is your significant other. "Hi, Yes we been banging for several months already." Actually when I was dating, I would only call them "friend" until we got exclusive. When you say "seeing" and you're sleeping with them, it just doesnt sound appropriate...whenever I say it, I cringe from if you're sleeping with him without ever having the "relationship" discussion, then the "dating" word just seems to be too strong a word to use in a sentence with his name in it. But, such is life..late to undo whats been done Hence the labeling problem I find myself in But its going okay without the labeling, so....

Those who speculate or assume they are an item often end up sorely disappointed when they learn their partner doesn't think the same. As you can see by the previous postings some think seeing someone is exclusive and dating is not, and some think the opposite. Guess you could say they both mean generally the same thing.you're nuts dating/seeing ITS THE SAME THING, no way should anyone be dating multiple peeps at once its just morally wrong.

I have to add he's an arse for messing you about - you're looking fantastic for a 33yr old mother.

Even though they say there is nothing wrong do what they do! A date is when you schedule a time to do something together for purposes of fun.

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