Doug nz dating profile


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* 2500 Tinder matches in 48 hours Two margaritas and a bottle of wine into their second date, Doug asked Melissa back to his place.

It's what drew Melissa (not her real name) to Doug's online dating profile the winter of 2015.

"I'd been on a couple of dating sites for a while and although it had been fun, I'd never met anyone like Doug," says Melissa.

Although too ashamed to report it to police, she had to put up with Doug sending her abusive texts and emails for weeks, including graphic and violent images.

"He cut himself and took a photo, saying, 'I'm bleeding for you.' It was revolting." Stories like this one are the tip of an iceberg which began forming when online dating first appeared in the mid-90s – with its younger sibling, mobile dating, showing up a few years later (it's estimated that around 91 million* of us globally now search for love online).

His name was Doug and he was tall, American and the kind of good looking that makes you wonder if he shared a bit of DNA with George Clooney.

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