Eclipse updating maven dependencies waiting

Add more Java classes that respond to more urls, and add more HTML pages Each new class you create will respond to an URL (or set of URLs) under Each HTML page you add in the tree under webapp will appear at the corresponding URL.

For example, webapp/statistics/would appear as L8080/rest/statistics/Jersey supports a wide variety of URLs, HTTP session variables, and HTTP query parameters.

To recover from these type of errors you have to check Deplyment assembly definitions for all projects (Right click on project -...

in the same project find Java Build Path configuration screen and check if Maven Dependencies is checked.

The Runtime path to your installed Tomcat is used by Eclipse to create that Tomcat test server.

Unless you really plan to modify the mid Point source code you probably do not need Eclipse or any other heavyweight development environment.

Mid Point can be easily built from the command line without an IDE.

Sometimes Eclipse updates its configuration files and breaks configuration for Deployment assembly definitions, through all the projects.

The consequence of that is that mipdoint fails to start and Tomcat log is full of errors (Missing resources and classes).

The other type of problem is that Eclipse sometimes updates .classpath files and adds attribute excluding="**" to tags classpath entries.

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