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If you are passing through the woods on a moonlit night, and happen to come upon a family of Elves dancing, quickly look away.Elves do not like to be interrupted, especially by humans. These mystical beings and creatures of the unknown have always held a special place in my heart!When people ask me “are elves real”, there is a lot of evidence that proves “yes they are!It is said that when humans hear the sound of Elvish music, they go into a trance-like state becuase it is like an aphrodisiac to their senses.Being artistic and creative creatures, they love dancing in meadows.They have an athletic built, and there is little difference between the male and female elves.The Activities Elves Love Elves love music, and are very talented when playing musical instruments.

The second pattern is also based upon an Ancestor's name, but "ling" is added to the end of the Ancestor's name. The third format is a nickname or title describing the Clan's overall physical appearance, profession or demeanor.

It is said that great Elven sages are reborn as trees after their Elvish journey ends.

How to Recognize Elves Elves exist in different shapes and sizes, and are known to be incredibly beautiful.

Elvish music is very melodious and enchanting, and very celestial and rapturous.

Elves tell each other tales of their travels through their songs and music.

Dwarves are known for their hearty appetite, strong constitution for drinking, and a greedy love for gold. Are you a sword swinging barbarian or an axe wielding dwarf. Why be a nameless phalanx split in half by a dwarfs axe or impaled by a barbarians blade when you can be the fi...

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