Error updating directx Super sex chat site


Instructions Checking the Direct X Installation 1 Press "Windows-R" and enter "dxdiag" to run the Direct X Diagnostic Tool.2 Open the "Display" tab to see the status of Direct3D and other graphics components in Direct X.If your computer has a problem with a Direct X file or a graphics driver, it can cause these programs to crash or not open.

I would also suggest you re-download xactengine3_0as the file could be corrupted. I have version 11 I tried to update it but it said there are problems look in dx.error log and directx log file. One version is not backwards compatible with another.The direct x version in windows xp was backwards compatible with version 7 & 8.Attached to Dx Diag, there are a lot of GW2 bug reports - I've tried anywhere anywhere (including setting in DXCPL.exe). I purchased pinnacle studios ultimate and on installing it it said to update direct x. Direct x update has the same thing in common with Microsoft Net Framework.It had the version 9 components needed so I could install creator.

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