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Expansive recreational ranch land in the beautiful California Sierra foothills with views into Yosemite National Park.

This unique ranch comes with braggin’ rights 5.5 square miles of nature in fifteen contiguous deeded parcels. Unparalleled panoramic views across the breadth of California – from the Clark Range in Nevada to Mt. California’s temperate climate and the ranch’s perfect situation ‘above the fog and below the snow line’ make this land usable year round.

Below is a list of ancient landmarks that have been destroyed by ISIS. The sanctuary dated back to the 11th century and was considered one of the most historical Christian sites in Iraq. Elijah’s Monastery released in 2016 showed a number of rooms at the complex had been ruined after ISIS gained control of Iraqi forces in the area.2.

The main home is 3,800 square feet, nicely finished including a walk out unfinished lower level.

Set away from the home is a 50 x 80 square foot barn.

The property is flanked by the Anthracite Range and the Whetstone Mountains with breathtaking views of the “Castle Mountains” perched within the nearby West Elk Wilderness Area.

The ranch features nearly a mile of Carbon Creek, a trout fishery that is heavily lined with willows and beaver ponds.

Hatra: Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985, Hatra dated back to the third century B. The city, where buildings and temples echoed Greek- and Roman-influenced architecture, was once a known trading center along the Silk Road.

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