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Demographic data helps you paint a more accurate picture of the group of persons you are trying to understand.And by better understanding the type of people who use or are likely to use your product, you can allocate promotional resources to reach these people, in a more cost effective manner.Demographic survey questions are an integral part of any survey.They are used to identify characteristics such as age, gender, income, race, geographic place of residence, number of children, and so forth.The Open Ended survey question seeks to explore the qualitative, in-depth aspects of a particular topic or issue. Although open-ended questions are important, they are time-consuming and should not be over-used.Example:(If the respondent indicates they did not find what they were looking for...) If you want to add an "Other" answer to a multiple choice question, you would use branching instructions to come to an open ended question to find out What Other....

In essence, your survey questions branch to become two different sets of questions.

Example: A constant sum survey questions permits collection of "ratio" data, meaning that the data is able to express the relative value or importance of the options (option A is twice as important as option B) Constant Sum Survey Example: This type of question is used when you are relatively sure of the reasons for purchase, or you want input on a limited number of reasons you feel are important.

Questions must sum to 100 points and point totals are checked by javascript.

A person must choose, to a certain extent, one or the other adjective.

The staple scale question asks a person to rate a brand, product, or service according to a certain characteristic on a scale from 5 to -5, indicating how well the characteristic describes the product or service.

The multiple-choice survey questions consists of three or more exhaustive, mutually exclusive categories.

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