Expat dating sao paulo


Many expats also complain that even when they know a bit of Portuguese, they find it exceptionally difficult to make themselves understood to the locals.

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We asked Josh Plotkin from Brazilian Gringo about some of the common misconceptions people hold when they're planning on moving to Brazil.By some estimates, the major cities in Brazil can be as expensive as a city like London, for example, but without the infrastructure, the safety, the range and quality of products, and the customer support.The bureaucracy is massive, it’s everywhere, and it can be incredibly frustrating.It’s almost impossible to get by in Brazil without knowing Portuguese.Most people are aware that Portuguese is the language spoken here (the Brazilian variant of the language, of course).Those who are a bit more familiar with the country also know that it’s one of the fastest growing economies, as well as one of the world’s emerging global powers.

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