Extreme dating episodes


When they activate the mind link, they find themselves in a turbolift, which neither of them remember entering.They realize it is merely an abstraction in Sloan's mind.Sloan is impressed, but indicates that turning him over to security won't do any good.Bashir tells Sloan that he is not interested in turning the latter over to security, then stuns Sloan unconscious with a phaser.Doctor Bashir reluctantly discloses his belief that Odo's sickness is a virus created by Section 31 to wipe out all Changelings, leaving Sisko shocked that people who call themselves Federation citizens are attempting to commit genocide.Bashir also says that he has transmitted a report to Starfleet Medical, falsely claiming to have found a cure for Odo's sickness, in order to lure a Section 31 operative to the station; once captured, the agent would be interrogated to help point Bashir in the right direction of finding a cure. Bashir answer that if they told him, then he'd alert Starfleet Command and Section 31 would cover up their tracks once they realize they were discovered.

She decides to go, making it easier on the man she still loves.

Odo appears to be in an advanced state of decomposition, yet this does nothing to dampen their love for one another.

He knows how hard it was for Kira to watch Vedek Bareil die in this very sickbay, and doesn't want her to see him die either.

Yet Bashir doesn't believe him and tells Miles to not to listen to him.

Bashir deduces that Sloan must have known the cure in order to find it in Julian's lab and destroy it.

Chief Miles O'Brien informs Captain Sisko that Starfleet now has the Breen energy-dampening weapon Kira and the others were able to procure, and a defense is being worked on.

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