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Instead of the outrageous ,000 price tag you see on many teardrops, its trailers are usually well under ,000—and often in the ,000 range.

Curious to see how well one worked, I called the company and asked for a demo.

While the show has its heart in the right place, it still feels like there are a dozen versions of this on Bravo and Discovery.

Hosted with manly, no-nonsense vigor by Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes”), the main issue, strictly from a viewing standpoint, is that Holmes outlines the central wrinkle in the competition early on, one the producers have asked not be divulged.

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However, our demo came with several additional goodies—solar panels, an awning, a heavy-duty axle, a rear galley-style door, and roof rack components—which drove the weight up to 1,300 pounds and the price up to about ,000.Granted, given the avarice and cut-throat behavior often on display in reality competitions, one is sort of loath to criticize a series that dares to proffer ideals like altruism, rewarding hard work, and helping families who could use it during tough times — a mentality also embraced, conceptually, by Fox’s latest from Ryan Seacrest, “Knock Knock Live.” Yet while “Home Free” goes the extra mile in its efforts to send viewers to bed with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts, after sitting through the first hour, the best advice, given the rather tedious buildup, would be to wake us each week when it’s almost over.TV Review: ' Home Free' (Series; Fox, Wed.On the road, the trailer was simple to pull, just like a small U-Haul.There was zero fishtailing, and because I drive a Toyota Tundra, which has a large towing capacity, we often forgot we had a trailer attached to the back. The Deluxe is fairly long for its size and can jackknife due to its single axle.“He’d be like, ‘You’re silly Tiffany, quit it.’ But it’s funny because as soon as the trailer for came out he’s all ‘Oh you’re beautiful, I want to take you out!

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