Feminine guys dating sites


They may want to coordinate every outfit or approve it before you head out for supper.He may even get cruel and make fun of some of the choices you make.That means that wherever you go together, you will always look bomb!

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Let’s not forget to mention that he will probably love watching romantic comedies with you anytime of the day!

He is going to be like an open book for you to read.

You will never have to guess what he is feeling or what is on his mind. He will also be sure to know what you are thinking and what your emotional status is like.

Some women do not like dating men that are too sensitive, because they already have enough mental emotional problems going on themselves. A feminine guy will respect whatever diet that you have decided to be on.

They don’t feel as if they need someone else to mentally babysit. He may be super into healthy eating, because he is always trying to watch his weight.

A recent survey claimed that majority of women prefer men with slightly feminine faces.

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