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[Now], we get to see that Karamo is a father of two, Tan’s a Muslim man married to a Mormon cowboy.And Bobby’s been married for almost fifteen years now.” Collins described the search for his new Fab Five as a quest for finding a similar chemistry to his original cast from the 2003 series.“Before I think it was more of a monologue where ‘I’m gonna tell you and you’re gonna tell me’ as opposed to a true dialogue.That’s what’s happening I think in these shows right now is that the episodic heroes are guys, are having conversations that are a little about politics and religion, are about marriage and divorce and kids, and we get to see this more authentic side of the Fab Five, and it definitely breaks down the walls to allow the dialogue to be more interesting, and quite frankly more heartfelt and powerful.” This proved to be pretty important, given that some of the episodes do feature less-than-likely bedfellows, such as Episode 3’s Cory, a white Trump supporter who [mild spoiler follows] is revealed to be a police officer.“We don’t have commercial breaks, we don’t have recaps.We get to have a beginning, a middle, and an end of each hero.This was a pretty big deal for Brown and France, the show’s two men of color, especially when they found out Cory’s occupation — after getting pulled over by another cop while driving.It turns out the moment was staged on purpose by producers in order to depict what police profiling looks like. We were actually truly worried.” “As soon as we got pulled over, I had my phone out.

I know that sounds really lame, but those moments, that conversation allowed me to be open and allowed him to open up as well…

With all these various guys and various expertise.” The five guys, who spoke to Indie Wire as a group, quickly coalesced as a unit during the casting process: Brown said that he connected immediately with the men who would wind up making the rest of the group, something that Porowski echoed.

“I don’t know if it was some kind of a blind delusion, but there was a certain moment, and I keep on touching back on that.

For starters, it feels possible to be more open about the Fab Five’s personal lives: “We’ve evolved in a big way,” Collins said.

“If you think about the fact that our original Fab Five [didn’t use] word ‘my husband’ or ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my kids’ — America was not ready to handle that.

“Other shows might’ve been, ‘It’s a make-better show, you’re gay, just talk about that,'” he added.

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