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By visiting DAA or DAA or NAI, you are able to exercise choice with respect to the collection of data by companies participating in these programs.Japanese, Lebenese, and Chinese, Portuguese, and southwest ghetto G's.(hoo hoo) Hangin' out with redneck truck drivers, Instead of always givin' each other piledrivers. I got dissed on, pissed on, and beat down, Mutilated, and tossed out a dead clown.And a roman candle stickin' in ya butthole, That's where the greedy snake mutha fuckas go.This is all hell now, we livin' in it, But this bullshit'll be over in a minute, Then it's off to the faygos and nedin hoes, New clothes, and patent leather for your toes.I see my old homey, he died in a drag, Chillin with two bitches, "What up, Shag? Next thing ya know, I'm chillin' at the big top, Free money, and mad bitches non-stop.

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