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Once you have joined and have a chance to see what we are about, you can join one of the other chats. The main realm of Mystical Realms is a plane made up of several worlds set in a mysterious time of high fantasy.

Magic rules the realm, and all matter of creature lives within - elves and dragons, humans and vampires. Set in modern times, The Veil offers players a chance to explore Earth that has been wrapped in a hidden weave of magic.

A powerful wizard known only as the Leveler has overturned the ancient City of Ash, and now she comes for the City of the Enlightened.

Desperate, the city's ruling mage-priests have put out a summons for mercenary wizards to help defend their domain.

Gateway Gateway is the first chat new members will join.

Here, registration is faster, though we still process each registration by reading them.

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Mystical Realms was built to connect role-players of all skills and styles worldwide.

Similar to the game of make-believe, but it is conducted in real time, in a chat room.

People take on the fictional persona of a character within a fantasy setting and participate in a give-and-take dialog.

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but now im thinking its alot better, i think the site has got a whole lot better and all the different rooms are great for anybody and everybody, and i use it like.....everyday haha. I can always come on here and get a laugh if I'm feeling down.

The bartender is named Jerry, the owner is his wife Jessy, and Hobgoblins serve up the meals. Do not force any situation on another person’s character without their consent.

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