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Losing your cool is never an option if you’re hoping to convince anyone of anything.

We’ve seen these rich colours before in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (which was also set in Gujarat), and we’ve heard these bhavai-styled intonations there.

As we know well by now, what an actor does in a Bhansali movie is as much performance as performance art – Ram’s dance-like depiction of his might, say, by flexing his arms with a hint of pride on his face – and it fits right into a movie that opens with a group of women walking into a pointed gateway that resembles a proscenium arch.

From there, it’s just a small leap to the unshed tears that always fill the eyes of Ram and Leela, the fevered couplets through which Leela replies to her sister-in-law’s (Richa Chadda) questions, and the unkempt, matted hair on the dancers in the Nagada sang dhol song sequence.(The shock of seeing the badly placed songs, Ishqyaun dhishqyaun and, later, the item number with Priyanka Chopra, doesn’t help.

You must anticipate these and have counterarguments prepared.

Your parents will probably react emotionally when you first tell them that you want to get married to someone from a different caste.

She pauses, turns to him and says she’ll blow his brains out.

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