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After living in usa for some years yousee a big difference between azery and americans.

Today, this turkic-speaking population isalso known as azeris. A close family what important is for happyness, forour children and for our whole nation united.

I grew up in bakuand almost all my friends were dating with married azerbaijani women,walking in parks it was very easy to find married azerbaijani womanwho was looking for a partner. Iv never beento azerbaijan but really love to go ix26#39;m a lover not a haterif you google hunza valley or skardu you will see what i mean itx26#39;s so named as the x26quot; heaven on earthx26quot; because ofits rich culture and breathtaking scenery. i dont have any russian in me, why cantyou just accept that? Hope yourchanged your passport and not azeri anymore, because i personallywould not wish anybody like you carrying still azeri passport andcalling herself azeri. I met this azeri girl in australiaduring my study, she lives there and wex26#39;ve been close eachother, she seems show a good signal to go further, ix26#39;m stilltrying.

Taking everything into account iwill never marry to an azerbaijani girl. Have two boys and wish my or her mom would be close by tohelp us with the kids. But, if you can manage thesituation, then others can do as well.

If you love friends and peoplewho will do anything for you and accept you as a second family then byall means, an azeri family is for you.

A trustworthy, culture-oriented and highly competitive forerunner and advocate of Alternative and Traditional Medicine in the Philippines leading the invention, manufacture and distribution of natural, chemical-free, effective, efficient and quality herbal medicines and food supplements serving the Filipino People worldwide through its clinics which employ the natural healing methods with scientific and technological applications for all kinds of degenerative diseases.

However,caucasus (azerbaijan, georgia, chechnia, and other minorities) is ourhome.

But one thing that i reallylike and appreciate the way how men and women from different corner ofthe world fall in love with each other and then get married in spiteof so many social, cultural and religious barrier. I wish in the future, your daughter would notleave you alone without love and care. I then actually emailed herback pretending to be him, just to see how far we can push her untilshe asks for money.

If you love friends and people who will do anything for you andaccept you as a second family then by all means, an azeri family isfor you. In west men have somedifficulties to understand why we care so much about our parents. Not even mentioning other perks of beautiful azeri womenbeing the beat combination of intelligence, beauty, abtition, and fullof love. Nailareplydeletevali22october 2009 at i am in ganja now, looking from your window andtrying to find a middle. Americans in thesame way as english people put first their privacy and independence. As you will knowix26#39;m protective about culture and not just my own but allcultures especially traditional family orientated ones.I know some azeri women married to westerners andtheir husbands are happy to be able to meet an azeri girl.Get a life, girl and leave azeri girls alone,write about something else, truth.even if you belong todifferent social classes love talks for itself.

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