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For those who are unfamiliar with the world’s most popular people connector, here’s a crash course.

Yagalla is only 36 years old but has a lifetime of experience making and spending money, and has tips on both who to trust and how to recognise the warning signs around investment schemes that are going to lose you your life savings.

I admit, maybe most of the time, it was my fault because I was impatient with him while he, as always, was stubborn and refused to budge when I asked him to align my photos at the center and not at the left, forcing me to make my paragraphs improperly captioning the next photo.

He also refused to provide me with enough space in between my paragraphs even if I've been repeatedly asking him to.

Just kidding) so this reflects on the things I blog about as well.

Third, if I had wanted to provide a vast of educational information to the readers of my blog, I would have hit my library of medical books, researched more and cited my references as well.

But I don't, because if I had to do some major researching for a certain blog topic, then I'd rather spend that precious time reading about Internal Medicine and acing the daily 25-point quizzes.

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So a girlfriend wants to set me up with what is supposed to be "The Perfect Man".First of all, I never made any assumptions that I was a master at all things surgical or penis-related.Second, I certainly do not take a lot of things seriously, hence, my life and why I am still not married (LOL.Your names were not mentioned and I was nice with my posts about you. Surely, some things are just too funny to not be written about in its most ugliest detail. I've also been trying to search for a nice quiet Internet Cafe that allows smoking (Yeah, yeah, I know. My old trusty Internet shop had stopped allowing smoking a few months back and I've been suffering through writing posts in my bedroom and lugging my heavy laptop instead to school for the free Internet access.It's starting to do quite a number on my back and I don't think I can take anymore of this.uncensored ruminations of one who is no longer a medical student but a physician still without a license-slash--frustrated writer-slash-closet smoker and frequent dater, regarding medical school and her experiences with it, relationships and her lack of it, sex and her unusual preoccupation with it, love, life and everything under the sun...

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