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The company has been working on the feature for a number of months, having previously revealed it a little early, and it debuts on i OS, Android, and Mac.

Designed for online and offline messaging, Video Messages lets Skype users send up to three minutes of video to each other.

Accessing bots can be done through the "Search" option from the Contacts page, which includes an option to add bots to Skype.

If a loved one can't be there when you deliver your baby, consider using Skype or Face Time so he or she can share in your birth experience.

Google hopes that it can beat out those other services with two main things: being available on every platform and offering a special feature called “Knock, knock”.

The Mac client is very much the same, but there's an optional to download the video messages you receive."We’ll let you know when we expand the service to the platform." We tested the feature out on all available platforms and it seems to sync the video messages just as you'd expect.If you want to download the messages on the Mac side, they're available in MP4 format.A troubleshooting trial run can relieve one potential stressor on delivery day. Microsoft is launching a new Video Messages feature for Skype this week.It's certainly no Vine rival as the feature doesn't let you record in loops, but Skype tells us that it's an early beta still in testing.

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