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I just knew I couldn't sustain the schedule at GH and that kind of emotion for much longer.

It was just too intense." Lucky Spencer first appears in October 1993, a ten-year-old that has spent his life on the run from mobster Frank Smith (Mitchell Ryan) with his parents, Luke and Laura Spencer (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis).

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Elizabeth fakes her death to help Nikolas (then Stephen Martines, credited as Coltin Scott) gain Helena's trust, and Lucky's visions of her and their love help him break Helena's control.Lucky and Elizabeth help Nikolas and Emily catch Emily's blackmailer, found to be Elizabeth's rapist, and in the process Lucky and Nikolas start to bond.Meanwhile, Lucky and Elizabeth fall in love; they exchange vows in a church on Valentine's Day in 1999.His birth having been announced on-screen in 1985, a ten-year-old Lucky was cast in 1993, played by newcomer at the time, Jonathan Jackson.Jackson left the series in 1999, and the character was played by Jacob Young and later Greg Vaughan, who was let go in 2009 to allow Jackson to reprise the role.It's a question of if the storyline warrants it and they want him to come back; Jonathan would be more than happy to." He suggested a short-term return that could coincide with the departure of co-star Rebecca Herbst (who plays Lucky's love interest Elizabeth Webber) should she not renew her contract, allowing for periodic returns from the couple later on.

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