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You should take pleasure in the fact that you have your priorities straight and are creating a warm and secure home for your husband and child.If you've read the two previous letters, you've seen that your time for community involvement will eventually come.There is still no role for guilt – which frequently takes the place of genuine action.

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Whether infatuation, when one person has that walking on air feeling, or love at first sight, the instant romantic attraction between two people—love can bring on a cocaine-like high in a fifth of a second.), no fundraising activities, no cooking meals for others.I feel that I am maxed out looking after my family but I feel racked with guilt that I’m not doing anything else.He will never leave you and He will lift you to new possibilities and opportunities.If you take advantage of this, your loneliness will fade and you will discover new direction and, surprisingly enough, will wind up being a better mother and mother-in-law in the process – one who is able to enjoy her adult children and take their pleasure in their navigation of their new phase of life, and one who is able to enjoy her time away from her adult children and take pleasure in her own growth – in your realization of your own true potential.– Racked Dear Racked, I think I am going to take out some billboards saying, “Guilt is not a Jewish idea.” Maybe I’ll do refrigerator magnets as well.

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