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In 1945, American Comics Group (ACG) introduced former cartoon animator Dan Gordon's Cookie, a wide-eyed, diminutive kid, in Topsy-Turvy Comics. Cast members included Cookie's irascible businessman father, his understanding mother, his beautiful blonde girlfriend Angelpuss, his slang-spouting pal Jitterbuck, and his rival Zoot.

Cookie tales were full of slapstick, violent pratfalls, low-brow jokes, and gags involving unusual props.

Despite an invitation to "meet some real hepcats" and the work of Dan Gordon and Milt Gross, the title folded after seven issues.

Dozens of teen humor heroes and heroines peopled the comics of the period and included Binky, Ozzie, Junior, Jeanie, Ginger, Kathy, Mitzi, and Patsy Walker.

Archie and his pals offered youngsters a safe glimpse of high school teens who observed the rules of adult society.Please visit my website to find thousands of affordable cartoons in a searchable database for your newsletters, presentations, training materials, books, magazines, advertising, professional communications, advertising or special project.Site includes cartoons about dating, cartoons about romance, cartoons about bad dates, cartoons about date night, cartoons about dating disasters, cartoons about dating etiquette, cartoons about dating rituals, cartoons about dinner dates, cartoons about romantic love.The series tapped into the neglected pre-teen female audience as well as youngsters of both sexes who would soon enter their teens to experience high school life.The nostalgic, idealized, blissful view of suburban high school life (that predicted the soon to be realized sit-com formula) assured their success.The book has been compared to the wildness of cartoon director Tex Avery or the wackiness of the Warner Bros. ACG's Hi-Jinx was touted as "a brand-new idea in comics" and debuted in 1947.

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