German dating courtship and marriage


Moving in together without a diamond ring involved didn’t, on its own, lead to divorce.

Instead…the longer couples waited to make that first serious commitment, the better their chances for marital success…Individuals who committed to cohabitation or marriage at the age of 18 saw a 60 percent rate of divorce.

I got into a thing with a reader on Facebook a few weeks ago.

I was saying some version of what I’ve been saying for 10 years – that while it’s nice to feel that you “just know” when it’s right and rush to the altar, science reveals that it’s usually a bad idea.

More and more, couples are testing the waters before diving into marriage.

Census data from 2012 shows that 7.8 million couples are living together without walking down the aisle, compared to 2.9 million in 1996.

For years, people have said that living together was a bad idea and that people did so were more likely to get divorced.

Those are old numbers, according to this study reported in The Atlantic.

Believe me, I understand her contention: she has a friend who met her husband at a bar, got married in two months and they’re still together thirty years later.That’s what Carolyn Weber found to be true when a college professor submitted her application for a scholarship to Oxford, and she was selected.Carolyn reflects on those early months as a student at Oxford and her spiritual awakening that began t...Barbara shares how God revealed his new plan, this time for marriage, to her and Dennis.After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, Barbara joined the staff of Cru in 1971.This upset her terribly, because I was suggesting that she was “wrong” and nobody likes it when someone makes them wrong.

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