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It can be self-perpetuating and lead to the fearful depressive state in which you find yourself. Companies like Solitair (01612 340080), Saga (0800 414444) or Just You (08) specialise in well-organised, single travel for all ages and offer a terrific range of destinations, from weekends in Spain to spa holidays in India.I am sure that your legal, financial and practical problems have contributed to your exhaustion. We need kindness and laughter and companionship in our daily lives. You will make new friends, as well as gain a fresh perspective on your life and a boost to your health and spirits.I am 72-years-old, twice married and a widow of a few years. When my second husband died, I had over four years of difficult legal and financial problems because of his self-made will.I live in a large house in big grounds, and since my husband's death I have had to do an enormous amount of restoration and maintenance.

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My circle of friends and acquaintances has become much smaller.

Although I have grown grandchildren in this country, they live a long way away.

I am an only child and have no brothers or sisters of my own.

The 15 courageous pensioners, who notch up an incredible 1,053 years between them, are selling The 2015 Wrinklies Charity Calendar for £10 - and have already raised more than half their £10,000 target.

Sometimes a young man might not always find a girl his own age as attractive as some of the prime meat on offer. A young man thinks an older woman is sexually experienced, so make the most of it.

There could be numerous reasons for this and, believe it or not, it’s not always about the sex. Let’s just hope she wasn’t married to Mr Missionary for 20 years…

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