Holly and fearne go dating

"Harry is football-obsessed and he's got training Saturday and Friday Night Fives, so I don't have a choice," she told Fearne."Chester has that growing up as well, so I am in trouble. It's not even just one team that Dan follows, he will watch anything. "." Holly added: "I don't think we have changed then I look at that and we have!When will be Holly And Fearne Go Dating next episode air date?

The girls (who Iā€™m sure have never had any trouble getting a date), play cupid on behalf of a woman from Bristol with a passion for gardening who is hoping romance will eventually blossom in her life.

By the end of the night, the lonely heart had to choose either Cotton's or Willoughby's choice. Willoughby presented a similar series, the revived Streetmate, on ITV2 in September/October 2007.

Every time it looks as though ITV1 has well and truly scraped the arse out of the barrel, along comes a shitbomb like THIS and we're back to square one.

The show ended with a dinner date at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant in London.

Here, the lonely heart enjoyed the company of both dates, one after the other.

Fearne ā€“ standing in for host Lorraine Kelly ā€“ was delighted to welcome her close pal to the show, as they sat down to chat about family life and shared their frustration over their husbands' love of football.

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