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Hi, I'm Liz, and I got my first taste for traveling when I was 16 years old.

On my own, 10 years and 50 something countries later, my wanderlust has only grown and the list of countries I want to visit longer.

Somewhere along the line, it my chaotic crazy life that takes me around the world, it became VERY important to me to have my own space at home that’s mine (mine mine mine) that wouldn’t change. As a general rule, I never wear real clothes when I’m in my house. I have tried and tried and tried over the years to join fitness classes and I get so into them, and I love them, and then I have to put them on hold when I travel. I hermit like nobody’s business and I FREAKING love it. I am such an animal person and I grew up with dogs and cats for my whole life and I feel empty without them.

Pajamas, yoga pants and elaborate onesies all the way, if I’m even wearing pants at all. OMG I definitely can (and should) write a whole big whopper of a blog post about this, but shit it’s hard to date when you’re away all the time. Then I come back and have to start over from scratch. Luckily the houses I’ve lived in in Wanaka have had default cats, either half-feral ones that lived in the garden I could coax into afternoon pats or ones that live with my flatmates or next door I could cuddle when needed.

Agree with your date on how long you are going to stay at the party, instead of turning down the invitation to stay indoors.

Ensure that you stay with your date the whole time, so she won't be stuck having to make conversation with a stranger.

Chances are that if you show your sensitivity to the preferences of your homebody, they can make compromises of their own and make the relationship flourish.

If you are dating a homebody, here are a few ways to make it enjoyable for both of you. They work and go on errands like everyone else, but every minute of their free time is likely spent at home. Keep an eye out for when her favorite celebrity visits your locale, or look for nearby concerts of his favorite bands or music genre.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy living in New Zealand (applying for my residency now!While some people prefer spending more time outside than at home, there are homebodies who delight in spending their free time relaxing in the comfort of their nests.Dating homebodies can be a real challenge, but making compromises can be rewarding if you are willing to put in the work.) but I always find myself thinking, “oh man, I could totally live here,” when I’m traveling too. Now that I realized that not every trip is my last, I have really slowed down on the road and tried to savor the places I’ve visited.Usually I use that as a mark to indicate how much I like wherever I am. I’d rather spend longer in one place and get to know it better than to jump around and cram too much in.Exposure is an effective way to get your homebody to loosen up, so facilitate socializing and it can work out.

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