How to look intimidating men when to ask a girl out online dating


I joke that more men should "man up" which always kinda reinforces their argument. I don't want to intimidate men, but I don't plan on creating some persona to appease their fears either. I'm curious about what makes men intimidated by a woman?Also, any advice on how to stop scaring the male population away?Girls, Guys do you think parents who are overprotective of their children cause them to develop mental illness into their adult years? Girls/ Guys do you think some people tell us things just to make us feel good about our self?

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I'm an open guy, and quite confident, but not stuck up. It just seems like girls are really "scared" of me...

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Talking about your degree from that esteemed college you went to and all the amazing things you have achieved in your life can be super intimidating to people who have accomplished less than you. " height="373" src="// DIk F.img? h=373&w=624&m=6&q=60&o=t&l=f&x=703&y=376" title="Ladies, come closer we have a secret to tell you!

He wasn't trying to hit on me, In fact I think his brother is the one that kinda liked me, but I was annoyed by his whole "it's my fault" approach.

His brother was off by himself looking, well, intimidated.

girls do you think it's easier to talk to or approach a guy with or without a beard?

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