How to organize a speed dating event


Racism would need to be eliminated, and if everyone saw everyone else as their equals, being functional, human members of the same society, racism might die down.The first step to anarchism would need to be elimination of money, or at least, government regullated money.Match the words from the box with the definitions below. a fight in a disco-club); I - drinking and driving; - malicious wounding (e.g. a) they broke the window of his car and stole the radio; b) they sold paintings that they knew weren't genuine masterpieces; c) they illegally carried drugs into another country; d) they held a pistol at the pilot's head and he had to do what they said; e) they set fire to the hotel; f) they took some things off the shelves and left the supermarket without paying for them; g) they took away the rich man's son and asked him for a lot of money; h) they hit the man on the head as he was walking along the street, and stole all his money and credit cards; i) they took her purse out of her handbag as she was standing on the crowded platform waiting for the train. stabbing someone in a fight); - murdering a policeman during a robbery; - murdering a child; - causing death by dangerous driving; - smoking marijuanna; - selling drugs (such as heroin); - stealing £1,000 from a bank, by fraud; - stealing £1,000 worth of goods from someone's home; - rape; - grievous bodily harm (almost killing someone); - shop-lifting; - stealing £ 1,000 from a bank, by threatening someone with a gun; - possession of a gun without a licence; - homicide. What I’m curious about is how you would organize society, given the chance.Not like ‘if you became dictator tomorrow, what would you do’, but how would you plan a society according to your own political/religious/moral standards, given a few necessary constraints.

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In more serious cases, punishment in the form of fines and compensation payments may also be considered a sort of "restoration". For those who attack others corporal punishment should be used.

(I is a minor misdemeanour, 10 is a very serious crime). - driving in excess of the speed limit; \ - common assault (e.g.

, However, a third purpose of punishment (ievperhaps^ in sdciety s desire for ^ (d)_____, which basically means revenge.

If people were this close-knit, criminals would be dealt with quickly, and efficiently, as people would realize, a crime against one person, is a crime against the entire society.

They would take crime personally, and criminals would recieve due punishment.

Properly used, it is an effective deterrent to those who have committed minor offences or who have offended for the first time.

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