I just got on this site i really like it i just wish they had cam2cam

I'm building quite a relationship with the Bing and Google Bots; they're usually the only registered members online whenever I am.There's always 4 or 5 guests on board, all masturbating, no doubt, because they are so turned on that they've found such a site.That's almost perfect timing to "accidently" get caught masturbating to porn in the living room.It won't be the first time, and certainly not the last!! If you want privacy, then this site seems to be the place to come to.

And since there’s a genre of Japanese Cfnm that’s quite similar to the Cfnm exhibitionism done via webcam, called “senzuri” (or girls watching men jerk off), I’ve included two very lengthy and highly erotic movies of that type below as well.

Luckily, my girls, wife and step-daughter, are understanding of my addiction.

I've been caught multiple times, by both, with my cock hard and getting stroked.

However, the wife isn't aware that her daughter has seen my cock or walked into the room where I was masturbating.

At first, where my step-daughter is concerned, it was a little embarassing for both of us.

I work from home, most of the time, and my wife works downtown.

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