Idol days sim dating cheats

She joins The Constellations Crew to see if she can bring him back to life.

An 18 year-old boy from Pluto, with black hair and pink eyes.

The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. His crush on the player character is mentioned by multiple other characters, including himself, even if the player never starts a relationship with him.

They met as children, and have been friends for years. His death is the reason for Tara's journey to the Constellations. To use the cheats, the player must enter the bathroom and click on the toilet. Prepare for your upcoming concert by practicing your guitar skills, earn money by working in shops, and find love among the stars around you. You can play Idol Days Sim Date in your browser for free. You have 30 days to spend and build relationships with up to 5 unique characters.Likes: Wind Chime, Candle, Apple, Finger Piano A boy with blue eyes and blue hair, who likes pandas.He is 16, from Saturn and is the captain of the Constellations Crew. Mag is a Capricorn and is represented by the constellation Serpens.His home planet has advanced technology that caused conflict among many countries. Likes: Flowers, China Doll, Mirror, Cake He is a 19 year-old boy from Neptune and part of the Constellations Crew.

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