Illinois sex chat

The length of a time for which a person must register depends on the crime, but in all cases, a person must register with the local police department annually for as long as the law requires.

The registration laws also forbid registered offenders from being in a public park or in buildings in a public park.

Anyone who was convicted of a sex offense after 2010 is banned from using social media websites while on probation, mandatory supervised release or parole.

While they can live with a person under 18, they do have to report to local police within three days of moving into a place with a child who is under 18 and not their child.

Illinois’ sex offender registration laws require any person convicted of a sex offense to register.

These laws are so strict that a person may have to register even if he or she is not actually convicted of a sex offense.

Paul Michael (Mike) Leonardo Atienza is a doctoral candidate of anthropology with a graduate minor in gender and women's studies.

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