Im not dating anymore


As a man who has a wealth of experience with the opposite sex, I’d like to share my thoughts on why the “dating” scene is the way it is these days.

It’s pretty obvious that dating is quite different for women and men.

Or maybe we had a better understanding of what dating and finding a partner in life actually allows for. We believe love to be some sort of fairytale, so we wait for Prince Charming or Snow White.30. We both like our independence and hate being lonely, but since we waver between the two like a pendulum, we never manage to make dating work.39. Which is funny because half the time, this leads us to cheating ourselves.48.

Maybe we were always these confused individuals creating hollow lives for ourselves. We’re under the illusion that perfection is attainable, so as soon as the going gets tough, we get going. We love novelty, so we switch partners like we switch underwear.29. We think our lives suck and would rather dwell in that odd comfort self-pity allows for than actually change our lives for the better.45. We’re afraid he or she is going to cheat on us, so we never put our best foot forward.47.

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What matters is that most individuals nowadays don’t date. I’m sorry, but today’s dating culture should not be allowed to fall under the dating category. Dating for the sake of dating isn’t really dating.6. We’re confused into believing sex with strangers is better than sex with someone we love.32. Because, for women with sex toys, batteries last longer than men.36. We date for food, drinks and sex, not for love and companionship. We refuse to “settle,” but we’ll sleep with just about anyone. We invented “friends with benefits.” But are you actually friends with any of your sources of benefits? So many of us are so incredibly focused on our personal goals that we forget the most important personal goal of them all: finding someone to share our lives with.16. Let’s be real for a second: Most of us are pretty sh*tty individuals.17. Sometimes life is just too difficult, and letting someone else become a true part of it feels too cruel.18. The world is getting smaller and smaller, and we’re not capable of navigating through the hordes.21. We feel the need to “find ourselves...” which, for whatever reason, means we can’t put a true effort toward dating.23.I recently read the article posted last month entitled, “Why We Need To Start Dating Again”.For women, dating means that they have the opportunity to be made to feel special.It’s a chance for some easy fun without having to, in my experience, spend any money or do any work.I worked as an technical Advisor, that means I helped them to establish the MVP and correct the smart contracts.

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