International dating turkmenistan

However, there comes a time when the only way out, if the government wants to avoid the use of external debt (22% of the GDP), is to devalue.The security situation is fragile at the border with Afghanistan because of the presence of the Taliban.The Soviet Union sent in cargo aircraft to bring in relief goods and take wounded people back for immediate medical attention.

In order to reduce the drain, authorities are trying to restrict non-essential imports by increasing taxation, controlling access to foreign exchanges, and reducing liquidity and the place of cash in the economy.

Imports, which are concentrated in capital goods destined for the hydrocarbon sector, are traditionally inferior, and are further affected by the postponement of certain investment projects, lower consumption, and the reintroduction of customs duties.

However, imports of services for the exploitation of hydrocarbon fields, as well as the outflow of dividends from foreign investors, are leading to a current account deficit, financed in part by FDI centred on hydrocarbons.

The earthquake lasted only 10 seconds, but it devastated the entire city.

All of the hospitals, government buildings, offices, apartments, factories, schools, and theaters collapsed to the ground as most of them were made of bricks.

It sits between the Karakum Desert in the northeast and the picturesque Kopet Dag Mountains in the southwest.

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