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The Soviet Union sent in cargo aircraft to bring in relief goods and take wounded people back for immediate medical attention.Damage and casualties were also recorded in the Darreh Gaz area of Iran.Volume growth is expected to outweigh any further price decline.Investment (half of GDP), both public and foreign, and concentrated in hydrocarbons, should maintain its momentum, and is set to benefit from the construction of a gas pipeline to Pakistan and India through Afghanistan (TAPI), and eventually that of a third conduit to China.

The assets of the Stabilization Fund, the amount of which is not communicated by the authorities, give the State a certain level of flexibility, at least in the short term, especially as the public debt remains low.However, on December 9, 1988, new information was released correcting the death toll to 110,000.In 2007, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reportedly gave the total number of up to 176,000 who perished in the earthquake.Imports, which are concentrated in capital goods destined for the hydrocarbon sector, are traditionally inferior, and are further affected by the postponement of certain investment projects, lower consumption, and the reintroduction of customs duties.However, imports of services for the exploitation of hydrocarbon fields, as well as the outflow of dividends from foreign investors, are leading to a current account deficit, financed in part by FDI centred on hydrocarbons.Communication to the outside world was cut off as power lines, telephone lines, telegraphs, radio stations, railway stations, and the airport were all damaged.

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