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Marx is also featured on at the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg.Goodman Gallery artists Willem Boshoff and Walter Oltmann also feature on this exhibition, curated by Cyril Coetzee, which is on show until 6 December.Legal tenants could be considered ‘squatters’ because farmers had power to label them as such. Farmers would coerce them into changing their status to labour tenants. Comprehensive Segregation: The Origins of the Group Areas Act and Its Planning Apparatuses.

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South Africa has experienced a long history of forcible removal of people as the result of racist legislation. Forced removals in South Africa: Volume 1[-5] of the Surplus People Project report.

As Joni Brenner, the co-ordinator of the project, explains, “Our explorations mean that we have dealt with issues of human origin, evolution, human consciousness, deep time, lineage, ancestry and belonging.” has created a meeting of art and science in an exhibition, staged at the Origins Centre, where significant palaeoanthropological discoveries are found in dialogue with artistic responses to bones, life, death, past, present and future.

The three artists, Joni Brenner, Gerhard Marx and Karel Nel, have each produced a body of work which relate in different ways to the presence and meaning of skulls or bones.

The festival fine arts programme included his solo exhibition Hoofgalery on the North West University Campus.

The exhibition included new sculpture, and works with inlaid organic material on canvas, as well as new print editions and earlier works from the Garden Carpet series.

The exhibition will feature the Taung child skull, one of South Africa’s most treasured finds in a rich hominid heritage, was discovered at Taung in the North West province in 1925.

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