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Farrah joon has elaborated on this very well see: American girls are never jealous of each other and in China men are never jealous of each other either Farmer Bob Jun 23I just warned him for the conservative ideas goig of Persian men and black women going families have regarding marrying Blacks.

The persian men and black women going who rarely give me bllack are American white men and East Asians, so most of my interracial dating experiences have been toing Hispanic men.

Muslim women worship separately from men, and are often given sole charge of women converts’ spiritual instruction.

These differences and similarities open a broader window into the lives of religious women in both Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

Ruhi Hamid, in her documentary "Islam Unveiled," claims that Muslims were influenced by Byzantine Christians: In early 700, Orthodox Christian women wore head coverings in accordance with the Apostle Paul’s command in 1st Corinthians for women to cover their heads in public worship.

Both religions require women to cover their heads in public and to dress "modestly" for public worship and interactions.

There are also rules for various interactions between men and women -- for example, an unmarried Muslim woman will often wear the full hijab to cover her face from men in public, whereas a married Muslim woman, depending on her country’s adherence to Muslim teaching, can go into public with her face uncovered.

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Either you have to be pretty, wealthy, connected, etc What matters more than race is culture and understanding. My advice to you would be to seriously re-evaluate your relationship with this man and it's a good thing that you are not married yet because surely it would wind up in divorce.Orthodox churches with an older immigrant population, particularly from Russia or Greece, however, will often require women to wear a head covering of some kind.Matushkas, or priests’ wives, can be required to wear head coverings in the presence of a bishop.In both traditions, women are not ordained as clergy.Orthodox Christian women serve as teachers, public leaders and musicians, and were recognized as deacons in the early Christian church.I think it is easier being married to someone msn a different culture as the expectations are not there. The marriage would have ging before it even got started.

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