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But from the beginning it was a one-way contest, with Friedman running for two Giant touchdowns and Hap Moran passing for another. When it was all over, Coach Rockne told his team, "That was the greatest football machine I ever saw.I am glad none of you got hurt." During this period the Giants were led by Hall of Fame coach Steve Owen, and Hall of Fame players Mel Hein, Red Badgro and Tuffy Leemans.Stephen Colbert planned to spend Monday night’s monologue making fun of Donald Trump for the bizarre trade war he initiated on Twitter over the weekend, but pivoted when former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg appeared all over cable news Monday evening talking trash about other Trump staffers and Trump himself, while claiming he would not comply with Robert Mueller grand jury subpoena.“The Late Show,” like most late night shows, tapes in the early evening.“‘Officer, I’m a busy man, I don’t have time to walk you out to the third storage drain north of my barn.I definitely did not dump a body out there between the hours of 4 and 6 last night.'” The big headline quote of the whole affair was when Nunberg made this declaration while on the phone with Jake Tapper: “I’m not cooperating. He’s just gonna marinate you.” Also Read: Trevor Noah: Trump's Trade War Better Than a Nuclear One Like Everyone Feared (Video) You can watch Colbert’s entire “Late Show” monologue from Monday in the embedded video at the top of this post or on You Tube.The Giants were particularly successful from the latter half of the 1930s until the United States entry into World War II.

“At the wheel — former Trump campaign aide and the guy telling the stripper how much he loves his kids, Sam Nunberg.” What followed was an array of clips of Nunberg saying crazy stuff about everything relating to Trump and how much he really didn’t want to turn over all his emails to other Trump staffers from after Nov. Also Read: Seth Meyers Says Trump, Other ' Wildly Out of Touch' US Leaders Causing ' National Political Awakening' (Video) “What happened on Nov. That is weirdly specific,” Colbert said before shifting to an impersonation of a person who is very bad at lying to the cops.

Nunberg started calling into MSNBC and CNN shows close to the normal taping time, and Colbert was the only late night host on Monday to tackle that situation.

For some perspective on just how close to the “Late Show” the Nunberg meltdown occurred: it was actually still going on the taping and as a result, Colbert missed out on Nunberg’s in-person appearance with Erin Burnett on CNN, and Burnett’s comment about Nunberg’s breath smelling of alcohol.

After a disappointing fourth season (1928) owner Mara bought the entire squad of the Detroit Wolverines, principally to acquire star quarterback Benny Friedman, and merged the two teams under the Giants name.

In 1930, there were still many who questioned the quality of the professional game, claiming the college "amateurs" played with more intensity than professionals.

In December 1930, the Giants played a team of Notre Dame All Stars at the Polo Grounds to raise money for the unemployed of New York City.

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