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This is also a problem in dubbing with "dubbed names".For example, Gomez Addams in Latin America is "Homero", just like Homer the Spider.

In French-speaking countries, name popularity waves are even more dramatic, to the point where you can often guess somebody's age within five to ten years just by their given name, and very popular names have been attributed to as much as one person out of seven or eight at their peak.It could not be determined whether the renewal would be for one or two years, but an extension would of course be a shot in the arm for NASCAR, which did not want to be out on the market looking for a new title sponsor to take over at the start of '19.With only eight months remaining in the current deal, NASCAR and its partners need an answer, and signs indicate that Monster is coming back.Also contrast Name's the Same, where multiple series share one or more characters with the same name.See also We Named the Monkey "Jack" and Dead Guy Junior, for other ways characters can share names. Good gods, man, that's eleven so far who Must Not Be Named.Martin to present Talladega's Freedom Trophy: A staple at Talladega Superspeedway, the patriotic Freedom Trophy will be presented to the winner of the April 29 GEICO 500 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race by United States Navy Commanding Officer at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Captain Christopher T. This distinctive piece of hardware, introduced in the spring of 2014, features five-sided silver aluminum panels centered around a waterjet cut star.

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