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But did the lead actors' careers survive after the show was canceled?

Keep reading to find out what Ben Mc Kenzie, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, and other cast members have been up to since The O.

He started being credited as Ben Mc Kenzie on Season 2 of The O. His middle name, Mc Kenzie, is his paternal grandmother's maiden name. Schenkkan, was a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and worked with President Lyndon B.

He is one of three boys born to Frances Victory Schenkkan, a poet, and Pieter Meade "Pete" Schenkkan, an attorney.

In the series, he portrays James Gordon as a young detective new to Gotham City.

In the same series, he made his directorial debut with the episode "These Delicate and Dark Obsessions" In September 2015, Morena Baccarin said in a legal declaration involving her divorce that she planned to marry her Gotham co-star, Mc Kenzie, adding that she was pregnant with their child.

As for Mc Kenzie, he's been notoriously private about his dating life, though he did tell last December that he "never had a problem being monogamous" in a relationship.

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The movie won the Delta Air Lines Fly-in Movie Contest and entered as an official selection on the Tribeca Film Festival's Short film category.She also made a one-episode appearance on in 2006, the Fox hit that made Mc Kenzie a star.Baccarin and her ex-husband were married in 2011, and Chick filed for divorce on June 12, 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. But I would be fascinated to get the polling on that."WATCH: Bummer! Their daughter Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan was born March 2, 2016.Baccarin and Mc Kenzie announced their engagement in November 2016.From 1997–2001, he attended the University of Virginia, his father and paternal grandfather's alma mater, where he majored in foreign affairs and economics.

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